Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

This ancient Ayurvedic massage is a wonderfully relaxing healthcare treatment.

Just under an hour in duration, the treatment begins by cleansing the feet and legs, followed by some relaxing foot and leg massage carried out with the aid of  selected oils or ghee. The treatment continues with special movements performed with the small tri-metal Kansa Vatki bowl. This is followed by a re-balancing sequence of marma massage (Indian acupressure).

In the Ayurvedic tradition, foot massage is said to balance the bodily characteristics, or doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. All this special attention helps to detoxify and balance the body’s energies, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.  

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Ayurveda, which means "science of life" in … resistance to change [source: Ayurveda Institute].

What can it do for you?

Physical Benefits may include:

-        Relaxes tired feet

-         Improves circulation and enhances joint mobility

-         Relief from headaches and eye strain

-         Helps to detoxify the internal organs


Other Benefits may include:

-         Can improve sleep quality

-         Helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety

-        Restores and balances the body’s innate energy

This information has been taken from http://www.kansavatkifootmassage.co.uk/ 

What a typical session entails:

An Ayurvedic Foot Bath is usually offered at the beginning of the treatment.

Then slowly and methodically the toes, feet, ankles and calves are helped to relax through the application of massage techniques. The treatment continues with special movements performed with the small tri-metal Kansa Vatki bowl.

Regarding the use of the tri-metal bowl, it is worth noting that metals are used extensively in Ayurvedic treatments. Copper, which comprises 80% of the bowl, is believed to help ease joint pain and inflammation. Zinc helps in the proper functioning of the immune system, digestion and control of diabetes. Tin is believed to be helpful in relieving headaches and insomnia.

Arranging a session

Normally a full treatment lasts for 1 hour, but a shorter treatment which lasts about 30 minutes can be given.
Please contact me initially for a brief discussion on a treatment and appropriate prices.

Who could benefit?

This treatment is recommended to everyone, ideally for those who spend long hours on their feet like care workers, those who regularly practice sports activities, or for mums-to-be.

Arranging a session

Kansa Vatki foot massage treatments do not intend to replace a usual medical treatment.

First appointment for this treatment includes free 15 minute consultation, where you will be asked questions about your health and lifestyle. This is an important aspect of the treatment as it is beneficial for the therapist to have an understanding of all the factors that may be affecting your health and work out the treatment objectives. All information is held in strictest confidence.

What do you need to wear? Please wear some suitable clothing which can be rolled up to the knees.



Can KV be painful?
On the contrary,
Kansa Vatki Foot Massage is enjoyable to receive - you will feel relaxed and may even fall asleep.  My aim is to promote relaxation and to relieve the stress you are feeling, therefore I always adjust my pressure to suit my client and will work within your comfort zone.

“Diseases do not go near one who massages his feet before sleep, just as snakes do not approach eagles.” In Dhanwantari, Haris Johari.