Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage is derived from the ancient Ayurvedic Healing system, which teaches self-care and prevention of illness. In some parts of India, it is incorporated into people's daily routines, not only to help maintain hair in good condition, but also to stimulate the body's natural healing ability.

This therapy is sometimes referred to as "Champissage", a Hindi word meaning Head, from which the word "shampoo" comes from. Champi is the Indian tradition of head massage that might be more commonly found in the barbershops of India.

Experiencing an Indian Head Massage treatment just before an important meeting will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed yet fully alert.

What can it do for you?

Physical Benefits may include:

Increases joint mobility and flexibility in shoulders, neck and arms

May help with tension headaches, sinusitis, congestion, eye strain, as well as tinnitus and other ear problems

Can stimulate and relax the nervous system, depending on the goal of the treatment and techniques used

Promotes hair growth

Other Benefits may include:

Helps to clear the mind and revitalises mental capacity

Can improve sleep quality

With this massage you can experience a relaxing and calming effect. May soothe, comfort and rebalance your energy flow which gives you a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquility.


Information taken from the book Indian Head Massage in essence, by Mary Dalgleish & Lesley Hart.


What a typical session entails:

It includes massage to the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms,  hands, scalp and face.

This massage does not require any undressing, or use of oil.

This massage can be done anywhere - only requiring a chair, which makes it an ideal treatment for the corporate environment.

A series of treatments are advised in order to fully receive the benefits.

Arranging a session

Normally the treatment lasts about 30 minutes - it can be extended or shortened according to the client's needs.

First appointment for this treatment includes a free 15 minute consultation, where you will be asked questions about your health and lifestyle. This is an important aspect of the treatment as it is beneficial for the therapist to have an understanding of all the factors that may be affecting your health and work out the treatment objectives. All information is held in strictest confidence.

What do I need to wear?
Preferably wear a T-Shirt or low cut top, without sleeves.

Prices can vary depending on time and location. Please contact me initially for a brief discussion on a suitable treatment and appropriate prices.

There are also special rates for weddings and corporate events.

Who could benefit?

Particularly those who spend long hours working in front of the computer, and those who work with the upper part of the body, such as hairdressers or beauticians.

When it is not recommended to have IHM:

Indian Head Massage is safe for all ages and even pregnant women after the first 4 months. In fact, it is customary in India for both mother and newborn to receive this work for 40 continuous days after delivery. However, there are some contraindications and conditions of which to be aware when doing a client consultation before starting any treatment.

Any prevailing conditions, such as fever, migraine, head or neck injury, cold sores, infections, bruising, or weeping eczema dictates if the head massage should take place at another time. Contraindications include high or low blood pressure, diabetes, a recent haemorrhage, metal plates, recent operations, thrombosis, dysfunction of the nervous system and epilepsy. 

An Indian Head massage treatment is not intended to replace a usual medical treatment.

Additional treatments:

Shiro Abhyanga is the name given to Ayurvedic head massage and includes the application of oils according to constitutional type as well as working on marma points (Indian acupressure) of the head.

As well as promoting healthy and shiny hair, this treatment can also have a therapeutic use - with the use of specific oils applied to the scalp, this treatment is useful for treating scalp disorders such as dandruff or eczema.